Artist Statement

I collaborate with people who act as alter egos in front of my camera and through whom I express myself. These alter egos symbolise the feminine part of the male psyche – the anima, hence my signature body of work is titled the ‘Anima Series’.

This work comprises photographic portraits that create a narrative about the human condition. My photographs contain many references to the spiritual and the influence of the feminine principle.

The Anima Series

The Anima Series forms a balance to my early life which was very macho in nature and included military service as a teenager with the Australian SAS Regiment, security work, boxing and athletics. These experiences have moved me to express the feminine aspect of my psyche and explore my masculine identity more fully.

My work is a response to the loss of innocence I felt growing up in a violent, masculine world. The brooding Gothic appearance of my images reflect the shadow side of human nature, yet also acknowledge the wonder and fascination we experience as children. The world is simultaneously haunting and beautiful.

This moving collection of images, the Anima Series, is R J’s signature body of work.

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